Positive Prevention

HIV/AIDS Practices / Prevention with Positive

        Prevention with Positives services meant to reduce new HIV infections and promote healthy living among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA). In 2007, Prevention with Positives services in hospitals were limited due to lack of a standard model, policy, and awareness among health care workers.

Goals of Prevention with Positives

 Six strategies for providing prevention service to people living with HIV

          During 2007-2010, Thailand Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and Thailand MOPH-US.CDC collaboration developed a hospital-based Prevention with Positives service model incorporated into routine health care services. The development process included a baseline survey, model development, designing intervention tools, health care worker training, monitoring and supervision, policy advocacy, and national trainings.

             A six-prevention-strategy-Prevention with Positives model comprising two components: “risk screening with short prevention messages”, and “prevention counseling”, was developed and piloted in six hospitals. The model was evaluated for feasibility and acceptability before expansion through Thailand’s public health network.  More than 1,200 health care workers from 400 hospitals were trained in 2009. Prevention with Positives materials, including manuals, flipcharts, posters and educational VCD, were developed and distributed to all public hospitals.

         A hospital-based Prevention with Positives model was successfully developed and expanded in Thailand. Factors contributing to success included strong collaboration and support from governmental and non-governmental agencies, cooperation between public health networks and hospitals, and government commitment.

 Source: Guideline for Prevention with Positives services for health care settings, Bureau of AIDS, TB and STIs, year 2014

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