Follow-up Survey
After you have attended the course, Please answer the following questions and give the score number that you feel most closely represents your views.
1. Course
2. The last training course/study visit program attended
Please, specify :
3. Period of attendance Month Year
4. Currently, you are working as
Please, specify :
Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements.
Items Strongly
6. The training course/study visit program was relevant to my work.
7. The training course/study visit program provided me with new knowledge and skills.
8. My performance is improved.
9. I can share my experiences, knowledge and skills with my colleagues.
10. I feel that this training course/study visit program is successful.
11. I will recommend the training/study visit program to my colleague.
12. Overall, the program is very effective.
13. Are you still working on AIDS/HIV and STIs program?
Yes, I am
No, I am not. Please specify your current job title:
14. Please describe what you have learned from the previous training course/ study visit program conducted by the ITC.
15. Any other comments/suggestions

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